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Turn Paid Traffic into Revenue: Maximize ROI and CPA Campaigns along with Advertisers

Inverst in CPC/CPM traffic and receive high ROI while working with more than 3000 advertisers worldwide

Benefits of working with Xplore Digital for media buyers

Brands portfolio:

Top brands portfolio that will definitely cover all the needs of your platform audience

Flexible rates

High rates: you can even discuss your individual rates plan with the client and get the best offer in the market for your relevant traffic

Flexible payments:

Various payments methods: withdraw your commission the way you like and whenever you feel like – our various options will meet your expectations

Additional CPA Revenue:

Explore additional revenue streams through direct integrations and promotional campaigns with advertisers that use non-CPA fixed payment mechanics.

No Redirect Tracking:

Unique solution for the “world without cookies” and GDPR-compliance – our Teleport is already there for you once the 3rd party cookies are totally banned

Free Promotional Opportunities:

Xplore Digital provides cashback services with the tools and resources needed to optimize revenue, diversify brand partnerships, and navigate changing tracking and privacy regulations effectively.

How can media buyers work as publishers? ​


Register as a Publisher: If you’re not already registered as an Xplore Digital publisher, sign up for a publisher account on the Xplore Digital platform.


Select your paid traffic sources: Add and verify your media buying source as an Admitad ad space. Doing so allows you to start joining affiliate programs.



Launch tests: Prepare and launch test campaigns to forecast and optimise ROI.



Join Affiliate Programs:Select affiliate programs relevant to your content in your Admitad Store account and join them. 


Scale profitable campaigns: Once your campaign is profitable, it is in your best interest to expand to different ad sizes to allow for more placement opportunities.



Drive Sales and Earn Revenue: Watch your performance closely and adapt your strategy accordingly.


Ready to earn commissions through partnerships
with the most globally recognized brands?