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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing model where advertisers reward affiliate partners for driving specific actions, typically sales, but it can also include other desired actions like lead generation or newsletter sign-ups. This cost-effective approach makes it attractive for both advertisers and affiliates, as advertisers only pay when they see concrete results, and affiliates have the potential to earn commissions for their promotional efforts. It’s a win-win arrangement that benefits all parties involved.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

In affiliate marketing, partners (also known as affiliates) promote an advertiser’s products or services using unique deeplinks. These deeplinks help track the traffic and sales generated by each partner. Advertisers can use a platform like Xplore Digital Rise to monitor the performance of these deeplinks, including the number of clicks and sales attributed to each partner. This data allows advertisers to assess the effectiveness of their affiliate marketing campaigns and make informed decisions based on performance metrics.

What is it in for you?

Diverse Affiliate Network

Performance Based Payments

Comprehensive Performance Insights

Real-Time Reporting

Higher Returns

Personalised Guidance & Support

Self-Served Solution and More Control

How it Works?


Once you are live on our affiliate marketing platform, we connect the advertisers and the Publishers


The advertisers and publishers collaborate and finalise on the campaign, the expectations and the promotional methods


The publishers promote the advertisers’ offers, products and services


Publishers drive desired results and are paid commissions for the valid conversions generated


Xplore Digital helps both the advertisers and publishers grow and scale their businesses

Where Do You Fit in?


Advertisers are the brands selling or promoting their products and services through affiliate channels and reward publishers for driving conversions such as leads, sales or new customer acquisition, etc.


Publisher partners publish and run advertiser ad campaigns and engage the target audience through website, social media, emails, blogs, listicles, search, mobile apps, offline channels, etc.