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Leverage the power of in-app marketing to drive installations and sales with mobile-first publishers.

Unlock fresh revenue streams by encouraging in-app purchases, and you only pay for the tangible results you achieve.

Convert mobile traffic to in-app performance


Establish Your Business Objectives

Identify the key performance metrics (KPIs) and strategic objectives that matter most to your business. Our team of industry experts will collaborate closely with you to create a customized affiliate program designed to align with your precise goals.

Define Your Payment Structure

You have the flexibility to shape how your partners are rewarded. Whether it’s about acquiring new customers or enhancing revenues from existing ones, you can specify the desired actions (such as app downloads, prepaid orders, or contact form submissions) and determine the payment arrangements for successful conversions.

Effortless Integration

Dive into partnership building without delay. We offer an array of advanced integration models and methods, including APIs, postbacks, and plugins, ensuring swift, hassle-free, and highly personalized integration with your systems. This guarantees a seamless capture of every order.

Select Your Partners

Access a vast pool of potential partners. Reach out to your chosen collaborators and brands, and extend invitations to join your affiliate program using our Publisher Invitation tool. Customize partnership terms and generate personalized promo codes tailored to your preferences.

Monitor Performance

Gain access to clear, comprehensive reports and in-depth insights into the progress of your campaigns. Keep an eye on traffic sources, delve into audience behavior analysis, and employ data-driven strategies to fine-tune the overall performance of your affiliate program.

Assess and Expand

As you witness sales growth, persistently optimize and expand your affiliate program with guidance from your seasoned Success Manager. Achieve higher sales figures and a superior return on investment (ROI), paying exclusively for successful outcomes and conversions.


From Coupon to Paid Media, Manage All Your Partnerships on a Single Platform. It now includes paid media partners, social media influencers, and business development collaborators.

With this platform, you have immediate access to valuable market insights and performance metrics right at your disposal. Our tracking solutions are meticulously customized to cater to your exact requirements.

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