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Collaborate with the ideal influencers and amplify your brand's visibility.

Influencers establish connections with extensive and engaged audiences, and you only invest when you see tangible results.

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Explore our extensive network of influencers spanning all platforms and connect with your brand's target audience.

Connect with audience of potential customers

Establishing a high-quality partnership with the perfect influencer directly links you with an audience of potential customers who are inherently interested in your brand. This differs from typical paid advertising as this audience is self-selected and already passionate about the topic, leading to improved view counts, heightened engagement, and superior outcomes.

Secure precisely the right influencer for your brand

Identifying the ideal partnership is paramount. If you already have a specific influencer in mind, effortlessly invite them to join your affiliate program using our comprehensive Publisher Invitation tool. This tool empowers you to define collaboration conditions, generate promotional codes, and more. If you’re uncertain about the best fit, we’ll tap into our extensive network of TikTokers, Instagram stars, bloggers, and content creators to locate the perfect match for your brand.

Establish your own payment model

You retain full control over your collaboration terms, allowing you to establish your own payment model. Choose from fixed payments per placement, set a rate per conversion, or craft a hybrid model. Throughout this process, you benefit from robust order tracking, comprehensive analytics, and more.

Seamlessly incorporate everything with just one click.

You won’t have to dive into technical complexities. Our array of integration methods, including APIs, postbacks, plugins, and more, offers the perfect solution for businesses of all kinds. Our link and promo code tracking supports all modern platforms. Just share your business’s operational details, and we’ll collaborate with you to swiftly and effortlessly establish the most suitable integration method.

Monitor your performance closely.

Gain insight into every facet of your business through our transparent and comprehensive analytics dashboard. This robust control panel provides in-depth reports on traffic sources, engagement, and performance. It empowers you to make real-time adjustments in line with your business’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

Effortlessly expand your operations.

Collaborate with your dedicated account manager to continually enhance your affiliate program, targeting new audiences, partnering with more influencers, and consistently expanding your business.

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