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Loyalty Program Business Model for Advertisers

Increase brand engagement and sales by partnering with loyalty programs that incentivize their members to make purchases from your product range.

Trusted By World’s Largest Brands

Expand your business into international markets and foster global sales growth.

Greater Audience Reach:

Loyalty programs boast large and active memberships, providing advertisers with the opportunity to significantly expand their brand's visibility. This exposure introduces products and services to new audiences, target markets, and revenue streams.

Higher Average Order Value (AOV):

Members of loyalty programs, enticed by valuable rewards for your products and services, often take advantage of high-value offers or multiple special deals simultaneously. This leads to a noteworthy increase in the average order value.

Lower Customer Churn Rate:

Loyalty programs are effective at converting new users into regular, loyal customers. While they are valuable for acquiring new customers, their primary focus is on customer retention, ensuring that satisfied users continue to make repeat purchases.

Heightened Conversion Rates:

The incentives offered to loyalty program members encourage them to make more purchases. Partnering with a loyalty program incentivizes customers, drives traffic to your online store, and leads to higher conversion rates.

High Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Positive Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI):

A cost-per-action model means advertisers only pay when a successful purchase is made through the loyalty program. This results in transparent and forecasted returns on ad spend and marketing investments, directly correlating with sales growth. Additionally, it provides enhanced brand exposure.

Effective Paid Placements:

Loyalty programs often offer additional paid placement opportunities to their partners. These placements, such as home page banners, dedicated emails, and trackable links, provide premium brand exposure, foster brand loyalty, and drive increased traffic to your website.

Collaborating with Loyalty Programs as an Advertiser

Register as an Advertiser: Start by registering as an advertiser on our website. Provide essential information, and you’re ready to begin.

Launch Your Affiliate Program: Sign the agreement, and our team will handle the technical integration process for you. Once completed, your affiliate program becomes active.

Allow Traffic from Loyalty Programs: Enable traffic from loyalty program partners within your account settings. This step opens the door to new customers generated through these partners into your affiliate program.

Invite Loyalty Program Partners: Extend private invitations to loyalty programs within our partner network. This initiates direct collaboration with them.

Develop Your Promo Strategy: Actively engage in promotional activities organized by the partner network. Additionally, participate in campaigns hosted by the loyalty programs themselves. These efforts significantly enhance the visibility of your offers and drive increased sales.

Monitor Sales Growth: With your affiliate program accessible to thousands of publishers, each contributing their relevant traffic, you’ll experience sales growth. Importantly, you’ll only pay for actual results achieved through this collaboration.

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